The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.112| November 2020)

DCA Feature

New feature — DCA has been updated on Tokenize Exchange!

DCA stands for Dollar Cost Averaging, an investment strategy in which the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of a target asset. The goal of DCA is to reduce the overall impact of volatility on the price of the target asset.

How does it work on Tokenize Exchange?

DCA feature allows you to automatically make purchases periodically (daily, weekly, monthly).

For example, you choose the monthly option. Next, you will be able to choose which day of the month you want to buy. For instance, 1st day every month. Then, you’ll choose the time, eg, at 6 pm.

Then, at 6:00 PM 1st monthly, it will auto-buy at whatever price (Auto place makes order).

For the weekly option, it will process the same way, you must choose the date and time. Then on the exact time & date, it will execute the order.

Commission for this feature is 1% applied to all tiers of membership!

Note: Time only specific only on hours.

How to get to crypto earn on Tokenize mobile app

On Tokenize mobile app, it’s much easier to start Crypto Earn from your Wallet, just need to SWIPE LEFT!

Watch our video:

Two new Dual Earn Pairs

As introduced, 2 new pool has been activated on our Exchange:

  1. TKX & UNI: 1 unit requires 10TKX and 1 UNI. Enjoy 12% P.A on both assets.
  2. TKX & YFI: 1 unit requires 100 TKX & 0.01 YFI. Enjoy 12% P.A on both assets.

The pool will close on 31th, Dec, 2020. Stake now!

BTC: historical bull runs and prediction for the upcoming time

As Bitcoin has surpassed $19K, market capitalization has also increased significantly, far ahead of US giant bank JPMorgan, a number of crypto asset proponents are wondering how far the next bull run will take them. If the next bitcoin bull run follows the previous pattern, how far the leading crypto go? Let’s review the last three bitcoin bull runs and see what we could expect… Learn more

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