The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.105| October 2020)

How to use XSGD swap with SGD on Tokenize Xchange

To offer the best experience to our users, Tokenize will be adding a new feature of swapping between XSGD and SGD in Wallets. Moreover, this promotion will have new benefits :

  • Zero fees for XSGD deposits and withdrawals.
  • The conversion fee from SGD to XSGD is 0 and vice versa.
  • The promotion is valid until 31st March 2021.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use XSGD swap with SGD on Tokenize Xchange :

Step 1: Go to our website. Select Wallets on your dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Deposit XSGD. You will see these options: deposit by transferring and Swap from SGD wallet.

Step 3: Click on “ Swap from SGD wallet “ then start to deposit.

Step 4: Key the amount that you want to swap then click on “ making swap”.

Step 5: After clicking on “making swap”, you will see a green notification at the top of the page indicating that your swap has been done successfully.

The steps to swap SGD to XSGD is similar.

Here is the detailed instruction.

Referral program adjustment

Starting from 19th October, after inviting, your friends have to successfully pass KYC and trade 1000USD worth of volume with Tokenize Xchange, then you will get 10 TKX to your account instead of 25 TKX.

Let’s enjoy our last promotion!

Crypto dual earn update

As per the previous article, we have a new product for you — Dual Earn Products where you can stake two cryptos and earn a higher yield.

These Dual Earn Products expected to launch on our exchange :

TKX & LINK : 1 unit requires 10TKX & 1 LINK. Both will enjoy 20% P.A Minimum is 1 unit. Maximum: 10,000 units.

TKX&BTC : 1 unit requires 1000 TKX & 0.1BTC. Both will enjoy 20% P.A
Minimum: 1 unit. Maximum: 10 units.

TKX&ETH : 1 unit requires 300TKX & 1ETH. Both will enjoy 18% P.A Minimum: 1 unit. Maximum: 30 units.

TKX&USDT : 1 unit requires 1000TKX & 1000USDT. Both will enjoy 25% P.A . Minimum: 1 unit. Maximum: 10 units.

TKX&USDC : 1 unit requires 1000TKX & 1000USDT. Both will enjoy 25% P.A . Minimum: 1 unit. Maximum: 10 units.

Note: Minimum staking is 60 days. Promotion starts from 15th October 2020 to 15th November 2020.

Official Announcement to come very soon! Stay tuned for more.

How Crypto Landscape has changed?

In the early 2010s, the crypto market consisted of a handful of small, retail-focused brokers, fiat on-ramps were rare as well. Over the last decade, the market has grown to over $15B of daily volume traded across spot, derivatives, and on-chain markets. Today, Bitcoin sits among the most liquid assets in the world.

Read the full article here.

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