The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.73 | February 2020)


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Tokenize Arena

The second week of the battle has begun.

Answer the call to the Arena for our FIRST trading battle — featuring TKX! See if you can make it to our top 10 traders by trading as much as you can. You will stand a chance of winning up to 50,000 USD of TKX across 5 weeks. You can increase your chances to win rewards by using the Trading Discount.

Here’s the detailed instruction, have a look at it before entering the arena.

Come join us now if you are ready.

Tokenize Arena top 10 traders

The first week of Tokenize Arena has ended and we are glad to announce the top 10 traders of the week. Find out if your User ID is on the list now.

If you don’t make it into the top 10 this week, don’t worry. The second week has begun and the prize is still ahead. Scroll up to find the details. We are always waiting for you.

New trading pair roll out

It’s an exciting time to trade with Tokenize. In addition to the countless events and new updates to our community, we officially have 2 new listings (EOS & ALGO) with these trading pairs (BTC/ETH/SGD/USD-EOS, BTC/ETH/SGD/USD-ALGO) added to our exchange. Now you don’t have to go anywhere to trade, you can just go to our Tokenize and have various options. We hope this update satisfies our community. Let’s trade now.

Tokenize (TKX) is now available on Kyber Network

We’re happy to announce that Tokenize will be running a Fed Price Reserve (FPR) for their TKX token on Kyber Network!

TKX will be accessible through KyberSwap and other DApps and platforms that are powered by our on-chain liquidity protocol.

To date, Kyber Network collectively supports over 70 ERC20 tokens. Learn how to buy/sell ERC20 tokens on KyberSwap with our basic guide.

For more details, click here to find out more.

New Crypto Earn Campaign for BCH, LTC, and USDC

Don’t you forget that we are still offering a new Crypto Earn Campaign for BCH, LTC, and USDC, with 6% from 10/2/2020 week onward. (No maximum amount available)

The sooner you start with our campaign, the better you will earn. Get ready and join our promotion now.

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Blockchain Transactions (Part 2)

What is the Blockchain Mining?

Mining is another of those terms that one hears repeatedly in the blockchain space.

The literal understanding of the word itself applies to a part of what the process achieves, in that it leads to the creation (“mining”) of new coins in the blockchain.

Read the rest of the article here.

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