The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol. 54| October 2019)

Our very first Tokenize Crypto Earn was a huge success as the first round of subscription (15% P.A) was fully subscribed in 60 seconds! Do stay tuned for round 2 next Monday!

Follow these simple rules to subscribe to the crypto earn program.

1. Deposit your cryptocurrency to our crypto earn wallet. Please be noted that the minimum amount you need to deposit is 0.1 BTC or 5 ETH.

2. You are able to take out the deposit you have input on the 2nd day of every month, provided that the crypto has been locked up for a minimum timeframe of 30 days. If the lock-up time doesn’t last for 30 days, you will need to withdraw on the 2nd day of the following month.

PS: Our sincerest apologies to users that faced technical glitches during the afternoon. Fret not! We will have another round of 15% P.A again! So don’t miss out and click here.

BTC price prediction event

The details are as follow:

1. The campaign will start from every Monday at 12 AM GMT+8 until Friday at 12 AM GMT+8.

2. Guess the price of 1 BTC (in Singapore dollar) closest to the price of 1 BTC in our SGD-BTC market at 12 PM GMT+8 to emerge as the winner of this challenge!

3. The results will be revealed immediately. The winner will receive 1 BTC in his/her wallet.

4. The participation fee is 100 TKX.

The first campaign has already begun this week (Mon, 7 Oct — Fri, 11 Oct). What are you waiting for? Click here to participate now!

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