Don’t miss out with Tokenize: Sept 2018!

It’s been a busy period filled with conferences and our ICO Public Sale Round 2 has come to an end as well!

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What happened last month?!

ICO Public Sale Round 2 has finally ended!

Stay tune for our next part of the plan! As we will be releasing the IEO details soon!

Tokenize has attended several conferences to expand its network for the past few months!

We were one of the speakers at Bloconomic 2018 | Blockchain Economic Summit, sharing insights about “The Cryptocurrency Iceberg”.
Tokenize Xchange was one of the speakers in Invest Fair, sharing insights about “Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies — More than Money”

Tokenize has also expanded its pairings for trading as well!

For more details click here!

And for those who are still new we have our own TKX Insights! Do have a read and hopefully you have some fruitful takeaway from the insights we gathered!
For more details click here!

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