The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.107| October 2020)

Disclaimer: The below announcement does not apply to Tokenize Malaysia users. For Tokenize Malaysia user please refer to announcements from

Travel rule implementation

From 2nd November 2020, we will impose a new crypto withdrawal whitelist in order to comply with FATF travel rule, in which if you want to withdraw crypto, you have to whitelist.

Keep in mind that only a personal wallet and 1 address at this juncture is able to whitelist and deposit and withdrawal have to come from that address.

For more information about Travel Rule, click here.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (or “2FA”) is a secondary security measure meant to verify your identity before login. From 22/10 onward, all digital asset withdrawal only able to perform when users enable 2FA at their trading acccount to ensure that your account stays protected.

Follow the guide below to enable 2FA.

Step 1: Select Settings from your dashboard. Click on Two-factor Authentication. You will see this page.

Step 2: Download Google Authenticator on your mobile device.

Step 3: Open the Google Authenticator application.

  • Tap on Begin.
  • Tap on Scan a barcode, or Enter a provided key.
  • Scan the QR code or enter the Secret Key, provided in the page in Step 1.

Step 4: Once it is successful, you will see Tokenize on the Google Authenticator.

  • The 6 digit code will be automatically generated. Note that the 6 digit code will always change.
  • Enter the 6 digit code as the Authenticator Code in the page in Step 1. Click on “Send”.

Step 5: You will receive an email.

  • Click on “Enable 2FA“.
  • You will be directed to this page. Key in the 6 digit code generated on Google Authenticator and click “Send“.
  • After clicking Send, you have successfully enabled Two-Factor Authentication.

Log in with Two-Factor Authentication enabled. For more precise instructions, find out this article.

Be aware of phishing page

There are numerous scam sites trying to impersonate our page on Facebook. While a scam page may resemble our official Facebook page, here are usually ways to tell if something is off.

  1. The company name is misspelled or spelled differently or added with a comma (,) or period (.)
  2. Comes together with an unbelievable offer (for example YOU HAVE WON 1 BTC!)

Scams could be in various types, read carefully our warning here to protect yourself.

USDT, DAI, USDC interest rate adjustment

Starting on 1st, November, 2020, USDT, DAI, USDC interest rate will revise to 6% P.A. If you stake with 2500 TKX, it will be 8%.

For those who have previous 12% interest can continue to enjoy it for a year since you stake if you never withdraw out.

Dual Earn Products Update

Dual Earn Products are available for exchange on Tokenize Xchange now! Check out our Dual Earn Products below:

Note: Monthly interest payment is simple interest calculation. Deposit period is 60 days.

>> Access to stake now!

How to deal with Impermanent Loss?

Impermanent Loss is the difference in value between putting your tokens in a liquidity pool and you holding the tokens in your wallet. To understand why is there a difference, we need to analyze what are the causes of impermanent loss…

>> Find out more details here.

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