The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.106| October 2020)

How to upgrade your membership

How to upgrade?

  1. Sign in to your account with your email address and click on “Settings
  2. Next, click on “Membership”. Click on “Upgrade” and get your membership upgraded now!

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Holding TKX — getting 0% all the crypto withdrawal fee update.

Holding 5,000 TKX instead of 50,000 TKX on your account and you will get 0% all the crypto withdrawal fee.

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Referral program adjustment

We would like to remind all traders that from 19th, October, we will apply a new referral program in which the reward for inviting a friend will be 10 TKX (instead of 25 TKX) if she or he successfully pass KYC with Tokenize Xchange.

Let’s enjoy our last promotion!

Crypto Dual Earn Update

As per the previous article, we have a new product for you — Dual Earn Products where you can stake two cryptos and earn a higher yield. Check these list right now to not miss out on our new offer:

TKX & LINK: 1 unit requires 10 TKX & 1 LINK. Both will enjoy 20% P.A. Minimum is 1 unit. Maximum: 10,000 units

TKX & BTC: 1 unit requires 1000 TKX & 0.1 BTC. Both will enjoy 20% P.A. Minimum: 1 unit. Maximum: 10 units.

TKX & ETH: 1 unit requires 300 TKX & 1 ETH. Both will enjoy 18% P.A. Minimum: 1 unit. Maximum: 30 units.

TKX & USDT: 1 unit requires 1000 TKX & 1000 USDT. Both will enjoy 25% P.A. Minimum: 1 unit. Maximum: 10 units.

TKX & USDC: 1 unit requires 1000TKX & 1000 USDT. Both will enjoy 25% P.A. Minimum: 1 unit. Maximum: 10 units.

Note: Minimum staking is 60 days. Promotion starts from 15th October 2020 to 15th November 2020.

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Official Announcement to come very soon! Stay tuned for more.

Crypto Algorithmic Trading — Everything you need to know!

Since the advance of computing technology is far more efficient than manual human endeavour, it is of no surprise that digital systems become leading bedrock in finance for trading. According to statistics, roughly 85% of stock market trading in the US is driven by algorithms which impact on when and how to execute the best trades. In other words, advanced and sophisticated machines rule the trading world. And, The Cryptocurrency Market is not excluded.

So, which Algorithmic Trading blankets Crypto Market? Click here for more information!

An example of something non-fungible is an airplane ticket. The airplane ticket has your name, destination, and seat number. It is not easy to exchange or trade for something of the same value. Furthermore, non-fungible is non-divisible. Like a plane ticket, you cannot buy half a plane ticket. To know more about NFTs, click here for more information!

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