The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.99| August 2020)

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Disclaimer: The below announcement does not apply to Tokenize Malaysia users. For Tokenize Malaysia user please refer to announcements from

New feature of USD stablecoin that will auto credit under USD

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Developments in cryptocurrency regulations around the world have been forecasted to impact Stablecoins. Tokenize Xchange will have some exciting updates in early September 2020 that will allow us to continue supporting Stablecoins on our platform!

USD Stablecoin deposits will be converted and reflected as US Dollars

Any supported USD Stablecoins received (or deposited) will be automatically converted to USD; This amount will be converted at real-time market ratesand credited as USD to your Tokenize USD wallet.

Withdraw US Dollars from Tokenize as any USD Stablecoin that is supported on Tokenize Xchange.

Users that wish to make a USD withdrawal will have the option to send the outgoing funds as a USD Stablecoin of their choice. This is done by sending the USD to an external wallet address, which Tokenize Xchange will convert to the respective Stablecoin at real-time market rates.

This update will enhance the trading experience for Tokenizers, and widen the variety of tradeable cryptocurrency pairs for our users. Apart from this, our support for other tokens remains unchanged.

Stablecoins supported: USDT, USDC, DAI

Official Announcement to come very soon! Stay tuned for more.

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USDT interest rate adjustment update — Enjoy more benefits

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As per the previous newsletter, Tokenize Xchange will revise USDT interest from 8% to 10%. If you stake with 2,500 TKX, you will have both 12% interest.

All users who have staked with us and decided to roll from the previous 8% campaign will have it automatically upgraded.

If you want to enjoy interest rates, participate in crypto earn today!

Minimum trading fee adjustment update

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Tokenize Xchange will apply a new minimum trading fee. For SGD is 1 and TKX is 0.5.

Read here for more detailed information about the trading fee.

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The “Blue Chips” of Crypto

New to Crypto Investing?

Here is a simple comparison between the different asset classes:

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Overall, cryptocurrencies outperform traditional asset class in terms of average daily return and many “experts” in the field has been proposing to the mass to diversify into cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin (BTC) in general. In addition, the current pandemic has given us another reason to get into BTC as a hedge to the global uncertainties.

More info:

However, if you are new to the crypto scene you might be overwhelmed by the insane price fluctuations — be it up or down. Nevertheless, here are some guides for you to get involved in crypto!

Read the rest of our article here.

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