The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.98| August 2020)

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Disclaimer: The below announcement does not apply to Tokenize Malaysia users. For Tokenize Malaysia user please refer to announcements from

How to participate in crypto earn and stake TKX?

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Tokenize Crypto Earn allows you to safely deposit your cryptocurrencies with us to earn monthly interests in your crypto. We are excited to introduce two new coins supported on crypto earn — Dai (DAI) and ChainLink (LINK).

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to participate in crypto earn and stake TKX on Tokenize Xchange.

Step 1: Go to our website. Select EARN on your dashboard then select Crypto Earn

Step 2: Click on “ Crypto earn today “

Step 3: The dashboard will show our supported coins for crypto earn.

Step 4: Review and confirm

Click here for detailed instructions.

How to upgrade your membership?

Now, you can upgrade your membership by just paying 5% of the face value of the normal subscription fee.

How to upgrade?

  1. Sign in to your account with your email address and click on “Settings
  2. Next, click on “Membership”. Click on “Upgrade” and get your membership upgraded now!

Click here for detailed instructions.

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Holding TKX — getting 0% all the crypto withdrawal fee update.

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Holding 5,000 TKX instead of 50,000 TKX on your account and you will get 0% all the crypto withdrawal fee.

Don’t miss our new promotion!

Trading Fees Update

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As per previous newsletter, there will be no trading fee for SGD-TKX, USD-TKX, USD-USDC, USD-USDT, and USD-DAI market.

Read here for more detailed information about the trading fee.

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Bulgarian Startup Will Pay You Bitcoin When Your Flight Is Delayed

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The Colibra app is providing a means for air travelers delayed for any reason to receive compensation in crypto.

With the global air industry in turmoil due to pandemic-induced flight delays and cancellations, a startup in Bulgaria is providing the option for travelers to receive compensation in Bitcoin.

Compensation via the Colibra app is available to passengers who experience a flight delay of one hour or more. The Bulgaria startup has been offering inconvenienced travelers compensation in fiat since it commenced operations in June 2019 but has now added crypto as a payment option.

As BTC is a volatile asset, users can choose whether they want to lock in the price on the day they register for their flight or the day they travel. For example, a frequent flier who booked a flight last week and locked in a rate on the app when Bitcoin was priced in the $11,000s would have gained a decent return from a flight delayed today, when BTC is above $12,000.

Colibra states that it will guarantee a Bitcoin payout for any user delayed by one hour or more no matter what reason the airline provides.

Three hours is standard

In the EU, airlines are required to compensate any passenger for delays of three hours or more which are the company’s fault. The app works by filing for compensation for all eligible passengers affected by three-hour or more delays and sharing the funds with all passengers who were delayed for more than one hour. According to the startup, the chance of experiencing a 90-minute airline delay is 30 times greater than a three-hour one, so travelers get compensated more often.

In France, insurance company AXA has used a similar blockchain-based compensation process for passengers whose flights are delayed more than two hours.

However, fewer people are flying now than at the same time last year due to airlines and authorities trying to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Global travel data provider OAG states that the number of scheduled flights on Aug. 10 dropped 47.9% globally, with flights out of Hong Kong and Singapore being reduced a staggering 91%.

Source: Cointelegraph.

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