The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.94| July 2020)

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Disclaimer: The below announcement does not apply to Tokenize Malaysia users. For Tokenize Malaysia user please refer to announcements from

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Tokenize Xchange Webinar “How to profit consistently from cryptocurrency investment & trading”

Craving to know more about how to profit consistently from cryptocurrency investment and trading? Our representative, Alson will be diving deeper on Investing with Tokenize next Wednesday (29/07/2020) at 8.30 pm! 📈📉

If you are interested, please follow the link down below to join. See you then!

Link to join here.

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Myinfo integration for Singaporean & Singaporean PR sign up onboarding update.

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This NEW feature is now available to all users. It allows to complete KYC verification in just a few minutes, with their SINGPASS.

MyInfo is a data management service by the Singapore government for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (PR) to manage the use of their personal data for online transactions. All Tokenizers can now enjoy a more seamless identity verification and embark on their first trades on Tokenize Xchange quicker than before.

No more complicated process. Enjoy faster, smoother verification now!

How to use TKX as 30% discount on trading fees on Tokenize Xchange?

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If you’re a holder of TKX you can get 30% off your trading fees on Tokenize Xchange. Moreover, if you own 50,000 TKX at wallet, the crypto withdrawal is 0% fee. One of the bestTKX tokenbenefits is joining Earn Program where TKX enhance other crypto APY . TKX staking also give 12% return itself.

How to get a 30% discount on fees :

Step 1 : Go to our website :

Step 2 : Buy TKX to use for 30% discount on trading fee.

Step 3 : Go to your “ Wallets”. Check whether you have purchased TKX then enable the use of TKX for 30% discount on trading fees.

Read more detailed instruction here.

Minimum Trading Fee Adjustment

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Starting from July 24th, Tokenize Xchange will apply new minimum trading fee. For SGD is 1 and TKX is 0.5.

Read here for more detailed information about trading fee.

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Ethereum 2.0 Final Testnet Set to Launch on August 4

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The final public testnet for ETH 2.0 aims to launch just two weeks from now.

The long awaited Ethereum 2.0 network upgrade has taken one step closer to launch with a preliminary date announced for the final planned public testnet.

Read the rest of our article here.

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