The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.91| July 2020)

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Market Insights Virtual Summit — 18 &19 July

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Unlike physical conferences where you can end up sitting through the content you just don’t need, Market Insights Virtual Summit 2020 is delivered entirely online. Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to help you master the financial markets, or catch them ALL. It’s up to you!

Our Tokenize Xchange CEO Qi Yu is excited to share his years of knowledge, strategies, and tactics. If your focus is to skyrocket your trading profits in 2020, we’ve got you covered!

Invest with Clarity. Trade with Precision. Find out more details here.

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Beware of Tokenize Xchange fake and scam Facebook pages

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Dear valued customers & users of Tokenize,

Please be aware that there are numerous scam sites trying to impersonate our page on Facebook.

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This is a fake page. We are not doing a giveaway at the moment.

Also, please be aware of the phishing website. Always check on the URL of the website.

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Always check on the URL of the website.

Here are the official links of our social networking channels:




Let’s stay vigilant and kindly report any fake links & advertisements that are happening on Facebook so that we can protect ourselves and others! 💪🏻

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Blockchain Bridges, Explained

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1. What are the blockchain bridges?

A blockchain bridge provides a connection that allows for the transfer of tokens or data between two different blockchain ecosystems.

A significant challenge of blockchains to date is their lack of interoperability. Once a developer builds their decentralized application on any particular platform, they’re generally locked into that platform with no opportunity to leverage any of the benefits of other blockchains.

For example, Ethereum has well-documented scalability issues that many developers probably hoped would be solved by now. If they move to another, faster platform, such as EOS, then they lose out on the benefits that Ethereum does offer: a large community, a widely supported token standard and the most-adopted smart contract platform.

Therefore, a developer can use a bridge to send their token from one blockchain platform to another, leveraging the benefits of both. In a truly interoperable blockchain ecosystem, tokens, data and smart contracts could potentially travel between many different platforms.

Bridges generally use some kind of mint-and-burn protocol to keep token supply constant across all platforms. When the token leaves one blockchain, it is burned or locked, and an equivalent token is minted on the opposite blockchain. Conversely, when the token moves back to its original network, the “twin” token is burned or locked.

Read the rest of our article here.

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