The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.90| June 2020)

Tokenize Xchange Webinar “Investing with Tokenize”

Craving to know more about how to invest in digital assets? Our representative, Alson will be diving deeper on Investing with Tokenize next Tuesday (30/06/2020) at 8.00 pm! 📈📉

If you are interested, please click the link down below to register. See you then! 💯

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Crypto Earn Updates

Starting from June 8th, we will include TKX in our Crypto Earn Program and gives 12% P.A.

Moreover, if you stake your TKX, the interest earned for other coins will be much more. For example, when using staking TKX, interest earned on BTC will increase to 8%.

  • Crypto Earn UI Revamp

With the new and improved UI, users participating in Tokenize Crypto Earn will be able to navigate and keep track of the interest payment with ease!

More exciting and innovative updates are coming your way! So, stay tuned and stay safe!

The rise of Exchange-based Tokens

Before we dive into the comparison of the well-known exchange tokens and TKX, let’s understand why such tokens have potential. Cryptocurrency exchange tokens have been around for quite some time, as platforms found a convenient way to increase liquidity by providing supplementary perks to the native token holders such as discounts for trading fees and many more.

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Order Types, Explained

Why do we need different order types?

Order types exist so that a person who submits an order to buy or sell assets retains some control over their order after it has entered the marketplace. Ultimately, they exist so that a person who is buying or selling stock, commodities or currencies can embed in a single simple instruction a lot of other smaller instructions.

When trading cryptocurrencies or other assets, all orders on an exchange fall into one of a variety of types that determine how an order is processed and when it is executed. On top of this, orders can be given special instructions that augment their parameters, often aimed at controlling the timing of execution. Nasdaq once had 136 order types that were devised by individuals with Ph.D.s in computer science, physics and mathematics who were specialized in high-frequency trading and implemented mind-bending logic into their mechanics; however, all of these orders were only derivatives of the basic “limit” and “market” orders.

Understanding the fundamental order types is essential if you want to be an informed trader. In what follows, we’ve compiled a list of all the major types and time-in-force instructions that can be found on various exchanges.

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