The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.83| May 2020)

Tokenize Arena Top 10 traders

The first week of the second Tokenize Arena has ended and we are glad to announce the top 10 traders of the week. Find out if your User ID is on the list now.

If you don’t make it into the top 10 this week, don’t worry. The second week has begun and the prize is still ahead. Scroll up to find the details. We are always waiting for you.

Second season of Tokenize Arena

The battle has officially returned.

Answer the call to the Tokenize Arena for our trading battle — featuring TKX! See if you can make it to our top 10 traders by trading as much as you can. You will stand a chance of winning up to 50,000 USD of TKX (30,000 USD of TKX for the first prize, 15,000 for the second prize and 5,000 for the third prize) across 4 weeks.

Click here for the instruction. Remember to check it thoroughly before entering the competition.

Ready for our battle already, come join us now.

SGD Deposit and Withdraw resume notice

During the transition, some users might have experienced deposit and withdrawal features disabled. We are glad to announce that the deposit and withdrawal of SGD will be resumed this Friday, 8th Of May. We hope that the transition of Xfers gateway will be completed by then.

If there is any extension on the process, we will keep our community posted via our Facebook, Telegram, Medium, Twitter and Instagram.

Tokenize Pro Introduction

Tokenize Pro is a brand new platform for active traders where no trading fees will be applied. Users who satisfy the condition, which is to trade at least 100,000 SGD worth of trading volume for the last 30 days, can enjoy our free trading fee.

Tokenize Pro will enable our users the ability to long and short, also with much-sophisticated algorithms like VWAP, TWAP and iceberg order also with a much tighter spread.

Crypto Earn Promotion

Now is the best time to grow your digital assets as we reduce the amount of TKX staked but increase the benefits and interest.

  • The amount of staking is reduced from 5000TKX to 2500 TKX
  • The APR is as high as 10%

Check out the picture below for more details:

Enjoy the benefit while spending half. Click here to join the promotion now.

Referral friends program

Our referral program has changed. When introducing the program to your friends using the referral link, you will get 50 TKX as a bonus. Share with your friends now.

How to get a 30% discount on trading fees on Tokenize Xchange?

We are back with a series of guidelines. This time, let’s find out how to get a 30% discount on trading fees on Tokenize Xchange

If you’re a holder of TKX you can get 30% off your trading fees on Tokenize Xchange.

Standard trading fees

Currently, our standard trading fees for trading are 0.1% — 0.8%.

On Tokenize Xchange, standard practice is to pay fees in the currency you are using when making a trade. For example: If you are buying BTC in the BTC/USD market, you’ll be paying your fees in BTC.

Find out the rest here.

Stop vs limit orders: what are the types of orders in trading?

Stop and limit orders are a great way to manage your trades without having to constantly monitor the market yourself. But which type of order should you be using on which trade? Find out in our guide to the types of orders. Learn more here.

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