The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.76| March 2020)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Outbreak update message

Along with others, our community is concerned about the global progression of the COVID-19 virus and the impact on our work at Tokenize Xchange. The health and safety of our team and is our highest priority.

We appreciate that we are part of a global community and have a mission to make wise choices that reflect best practices on how to prevent and stop this virus as well as maintaining our role as one digital asset.

We believe in our capability to balance these responsibilities. As a part of this agenda, we let our team members the freedom to make their choices to do what’s suitable for them, their families and the cities they live in. It’s a good thing that we are living in modern days that we can use this flexibility with trivial impacts and it’s also great that our team owns sophisticated platforms that can be reached from anywhere and we work in an asset class that is decentralized and electronic by design.

We strongly believe that we are able to keep providing the depth and quality of liquidity while doing our best to stop the spreading of this disease. If there’s anything more we can do to you, please reach out.

Bitcoins Discount at Tokenize Xchange.

Bitcoin’s price is getting as low as it could since April 2019. Be the notable investor and taking advantage of these “discount prices” now before Bitcoin’s bouncing back.

The current market is offering 75% off of the Bitcoin Price. Now you can invest some Bitcoins with the most discounted price, as low as ever, only from 5,000 USD to 6,000 USD.

USDT/USDC Crypto Earn 12% is back again only for this week 16/3–22/3

Together with the golden discount, we are offering a new Crypto Earn Campaign for USDT/GUSD/USDC Crypto Earn with 12% P.A back again only for this week 16/3–22/3.

The sooner you start with our campaign, the better you will earn. Get ready and join our promotion now.

Blockchain as a Tool to Combat Coronavirus

COVID-19 — more commonly known as the coronavirus — has unleashed massive shock waves among the worldwide health, science, government and business communities as societies are trying to contain the virus. At the moment, the scale and velocity at which the coronavirus is spreading are proving difficult to manage because the regional clustering of the outbreak has moved beyond the initial Hubei province of China to South Korea, Iran, Europe and parts of North America. Full article here.

Why blockchain education should be incorporated into colleges?

Blockchain technology is undoubtedly a fascinating topic to look into, given the vast scope it offers for businesses across various industry verticals. What initially started as a means to transfer money from person A to person B has now become the hottest technology since the invention of the internet. It used to be the darling of underground crypto nerds and has now grown to be embraced by the biggest companies across the globe. Continue reading here.

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