The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.75| March 2020)

Tokenize Arena

We are officially in the fourth week now, which means you the chance of getting 50,000 of TKX is tightening. Don’t hesitate anymore, go into our battle and win yourself some TKX right away.

Answer the call to the Arena for our FIRST trading battle — featuring TKX! You will stand a chance of winning up to 50,000 USD of TKX across 5 weeks. You can increase your chances to win rewards by using the Trading Discount.

Find out the instruction and how to enter the arena in this article here.

Tokenize Arena top 10 traders

The top 10 traders are out now. Check if your ID is on the list.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it into the top 10. The fourth week has begun and your chance of winning up is still there.

Click here to join if you are ready.

Two Factor Authenticator reset steps.

Dear our community,

We have been receiving a lot of requests regarding Two-Factor Authentication reset. Our team is putting the best effort to comply with your request in time (supposedly within 1 day). 

Here are the basic steps that you can do on your end so we can fasten the process of retrieving 2FA at the soonest. 

Tokenize Mobile App — Setting Alert Guidelines

You don’t know how to use our app?

You are fed up with being missed out from an interesting price?

You want to stay updated with the movements of the cryptocurrency?

Don’t worry, we’ve got it. That’s why we have created this guidelines article of setting up alerts for you. Please check it out here.

New Data Suggests Bitcoin and Gold Aren’t as Correlated as You Think

Bitcoin’s (BTC) classification has been a controversial and difficult topic for crypto-enthusiasts, investors, and regulators to reach a consensus on. The digital asset has been compared to a currency, a commodity, an investment asset or even said to have no underlying value. However, from the perspective of regulators, Bitcoin has been mostly associated and studied as a commodity, especially in relation to gold. In fact, many times Bitcoin is referred to as the “new gold” or “digital gold”. Continue reading here.

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