The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol. 51| September 2019)

DIGIX (DGX) Auction Round 1 Winner

Thank you all for your participation in round 1 of the event. This round of the DGX Auction has officially ended and that means the result is in. We are very pleased to announce that the highest bidder will get 20 DGX for this round.
For those who didn’t get anything, get your hope up as there are 3 more rounds coming for you.

DIGIX (DGX) Auction Event Round 2

The fun is not over yet! Round 2 is ongoing! Join the auction right away and win yourself up to 25 DGX!

The details are as follows:

· Fees to participate: 50 TKX

· Users will bid with TKX

· The highest bidder will win the random outcome of getting 10–25 DGX

· Users that did not win anything will get their TKX back after the event has ended.

8 hours left before this round ends so time to grab more TKX to bid for your DGX! Click here for the auction!

Altcoins Rally Incoming?

With BTC being stagnant for now, the altcoins seem to have another plan in mind — which they seemingly are seen heading north. Most of the altcoins are in the green, while big names such as XRP & XLM are making double-digit gains, leaving BTC in the dust. Here are some of our analysis.

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