The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol. 43| July 2019)

Chainlock Auction — Bidding begins at 100TKX! Get yours today!

Have you ever wanted a highly secure way of storing your cryptocurrencies but still not losing the accessibility and liquidity of a hot wallet? Chainlockhas just that solution!

Click here to find out more regarding the auction!

Exciting new trading pairs

Tokenize Xchange will be listing these tokens, Enjin Coin (ENJ), Chainlink (LINK), Tether (USDT), Digix Gold Token (DGX), (MCO) and Chain (CRO).

  • BTC, ETH, SGD and USD markets: DGX
  • BTC and ETH markets: ENJ and LINK
  • BTC market only: MCO and CRO
  • USD market only: USDT

Enhancing your trading experience Premium and Platinum Membership now!

Tokenize Xchange rewards our user with fees as low as 0.05% if you sign up for our membership and use TKX as trading fees! With the addition of the new listings, Tokenize Xchange boasts a whooping 79 trading pairs for you to choose from; which translates to more opportunities for traders and investors alike!

What are you waiting for? Join our membership now by purchasing TKX!

📈Crypto Outlook 📈: Altcoin to watch in July | MakerDAO (MKR)

With MakerDAO (MKR) recent announcement regarding launching of Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) on Mainnet, MKR is now the leading platform for Decentralized Finance. The positive shift in market sentiment also created a potential entry as well.

Read more about our price analysis of MKR here!

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