The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol. 41| July 2019)

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Have you ever wanted a highly secure way of storing your cryptocurrencies but still not losing the accessibility and liquidity of a hot wallet? Chainlockhas just that solution!

We are having a promotional sale for Chainlock cards!

Total supply: 100 each for BTC and ETH Chainlock Cards
Selling price: $88 for first 10 buyers and $99 for the other remaining 90

Tokenize will airdrop 1 out of the 100 cards within the pool with 0.1 BTC and 4 ETH! By purchasing 1 Chainlock card, you stand a chance to win 0.1 BTC or 4 ETH (Depending on which card you purchase)!

Stay tuned as more details and information regarding this will be announced soon!

Introduction of Admin Fee

With effect from 10th July 2019, we will be charging an admin fee of SGD100 for accounts with deposits and withdrawals activities without any prior trading activities (Fiat-Crypto).

NJBC Token Sale

JBC is planning a move to their Mainnet and there will be a NJBC Token Sale!

The Future of Payment Services with the integration of Cryptocurrencies

For cryptocurrencies to prosper in the future there must be a mass adoption and use case for it. Click here to read more about the future of cryptocurrencies as a payment service and how local companies in Singapore like Kopitiam is starting to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

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