Shedding light on Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs)

The beauty of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) is that investors across the globe can be gathered virtually and the project is given a fair chance to be evaluated. Unfortunately, the current ecosystem and beauty of ICO is being severely violated by many.

With our IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) platform at Tokenize Xchange, we believe that we are the gatekeepers of new projects for our investors. The current expectation in the crypto world is that projects expect to have an easy and effortless way raising of capital while investors want their investments to moon in a short period of time.

This brings about the question — why do most ICOs fail even though they raise a lot of money? This is because the current expectations are without a doubt, not sustainable in the long run. All projects regardless of the potential they possess needs to be done in stages and they do not become a major success overnight. If new budding projects are expected to achieve colossal tasks and goals with the inadequate infrastructure or experience and scarce resources they have, the entire ICO would eventually collapse.

This leads to our next issue of why many projects are unable to raise money nowadays. The main issue is the lack of confidence that an ICO that is not yet proven would be able succeed without any fundamentals or incubators and advisers to ease them through this complicated uphill task.

Tokenize Xchange wants to be that exchange that steps up and make a radical change to how ICOs are done. In the private equities’ world, where phases and stages (Angel round, Seed round, Series A and the list goes on) exist to test and validate ideas and projects, we would want to apply the same structure to the crypto world whereby there would be phases our projects to evolve and develop.

We will walk away from the norm of ICOs always raising $5Million to $50Million and create accessibility for projects with market capitalisation starting from $100K. We thereby introduce a new feature where the community will be able to see what phase or stage the IEO is currently in.

Projects will be categorised based on their revenue track record and market capitalisation and where they will only be allowed to raise a certain amount of capital for each individual category.

There is a huge void in the IEO ecosystem which we have seen numerous flaws and weaknesses, so let us take a bold yet necessary step towards a more comprehensive and secure IEO platform!

Exciting new features that are coming soon!

We have shortlisted a few interesting and innovative projects that involves breakthrough patent from Japan as well as an Augmented Reality company dealing with IoT (Internet of Things) from Thailand that will be available on our IEO platform in the near future!

In addition, we are also in the progress of introducing a “Project Tag” feature which allows our users to know what phase (Seed, Series-A, Series-B) the project is currently in.

Click below to see the successful IEOs and the ongoing IEOs!

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