How Tokenize Ensures the Success of IEO Listings on XPress

At Tokenize, we adopt the best practices to ensure the success of IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) listings on the XPress (Tokenize’s IEO platform).

XPress is Tokenize platform for blockchain projects to launch their IEOs, and for the users to participate in IEO events organized by such projects.

Check out the practices Tokenize adopts to ensure the success of IEO listings on the XPress.

Pre Listing

Before a project is listed on the XPress, Tokenize will take a reasonable effort to carry out the due diligence process. This is to make sure every IEO listed on the XPress is deemed to be fit and proper to be invested by the users.

a. Management Team

Tokenize will meet and discuss with the team and management of the prospective blockchain projects to understand their objectives and strategic plan. This is to ensure the team has the appropriate experience and capability to run the projects.

b. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The project owner needs to demonstrate that they have a working app and website which are at least in a beta version stage.

c. Locally Registered Legal Entity

The company must have been incorporated in Singapore for at least 1 year before getting listed on the XPress.

d. Market Traction

The market traction of the project will be benchmarked against the peers already in the market and needs to be at least $1 billion of market traction and above.

e. Value of Token in Circulation

The token in the circulation of the projects listed on the XPress will be below 30 million USD valuation to ensure higher capital gain post listing.

f. Circulating Supply

The project owner must make sure the circulating supply to the market is at least 30% of the maximum supply.

Post Listing

g. Lock up period

The management team must have at least 1-year lock-up period of their token before they can proceed to sell their holdings.

h. Swapability

The listed projects on the XPress are committed to launching STO (Security Token Offering) when regulation is ready and the current IEO token is able to be swapped with the STO token.

Tokenize is thrilled to introduce you the new IEO listing on the XPress — WhatsHalal. Check out more information about WhatsHalal (WHT) IEO here.


When assessing an IEO prior listing, Tokenize relies upon generally available public information, field research, inferences and deductions through Tokenize’s due diligence and analytical process. To the best of Tokenize’s ability and belief, all information is obtained from public sources that Tokenize believes to be accurate and reliable, and are not obtained from individuals or organisations involved in the project, or who may otherwise owe any fiduciary duty or duty of confidentiality to the project.

The opinion formed by Tokenize is designed to be an informational tool and reference only, and when used alone, do not constitute investment advice. The opinion formed by Tokenize may not reflect the actual performance of the project. Tokenize is not responsible for the consequences of any decisions or actions taken in reliance upon or as a result of the information provided by Tokenize.

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