New IEO Listing- WhatsHalal

We are thrilled to introduce you the new listing on XPress (Tokenize IEO platform)- WhatsHalal!

About WhatsHalal IEO:

About WhatsHalal:

The planning of WhatsHalal started in 2015. Since then, there was an increasing awareness and need amongst the Muslim community for clarity on the “halal-ness” on food and products.

WhatsHalal inspires to be the definitive guide and provider of unquestionably Halal Thoyiban food to the Muslim community. One of WhatsHalal’s missions is to create a Halal ecosystem that benefits both local and international merchants and consumers. In fast-changing time where information may not be readily available, WhatsHalal aims to reduce, or even eliminate, doubts in the ‘halal-ness’ of the food that Muslims consume.

WhatsHalal Blockchain Ecosystem

The blockchain aims to harmonize the standard worldwide by giving the businesses a clearer understanding of the different standards and allowing them to make a strategic business decision. With traceability in place in the blockchain, it strengthens the assurance of halal for all the participants in the supply chain, especially the end consumers.

  • Transparency

Global Businesses are able to understand the halal process and the standards of the different regions.

  • Speed

As businesses will be able to submit the related documents needed by the different halal certification bodies, the halal certification bodies are able to speed up the certification process.

  • Accountability

With all the processes being transparent in the blockchain, businesses and government are able to deter fraud/bribery transactions.

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WhatsHalal is available in mobile version, you may download WhatsHalal here:

Download WhatsHalal for IOS:
Download WhatsHalal for Android:

For more details about WhatsHalal, you may check out their whitepaper and technical paper.

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