Blockshow Asia — A Tokenize Recap

Last week, Tokenize attended one of the most anticipated conferences, Blockshow Asia 2018, in Singapore!

Here’s a recap of Blockshow Asia through the eyes of Tokenize.

Starting from 2016, Blockshow has been showcasing blockchain solutions, increasing the interest in this emerging technology and gathering thousands of influencers together. This year, Blockshow Asia is back to make a step to the blockchain maturity and it has been huge as Blockshow Asia managed to host 9 meetups and 3 conferences gathering more than 10 thousand people from all around the world. Experienced entrepreneurs with a real track record, investors, talents, traders, developers, startups all are in one place for 5 days. Over 80 speakers and more than 2000 attendees from over 50 countries are covering the event.

Conference Day 1 Highlights

One of the main highlights on Day 1 was the positive opinion of Bitcoin made by Thomas Lee. In his opinion, Bitcoin is not a fad and bear market will be ending soon in the near future. He supported his opinions and comments by using valuation approaches and the “use cases” for crypto. Besides, millennials are the main demographic segment in future and this will further enhance the scalability of crypto.

There was an interesting panel discussion with the title of “Regulatory Sandboxes Across the APAC: Current State and Future Tendencies”. The panellists are the government representatives from Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. It was great to hear that the Thai regulatory is spearheading in making regulatory sandbox a debut as compared to other countries in the APAC region. The government representatives also shared the advantage and disadvantage of having a regulatory sandbox for blockchain projects. They also address the backfires might be caused by the regulatory sandbox.

Conference Day 2 Highlights

Day 2 was almost entirely focused on Asian blockchain & crypto market. The panellists are Asian governments’ representatives, business leaders and tech professionals covering the most essential issues for the region.

Day 2 showed how mature the Blockchain has become. For the entire year, the technology was building on its positions worldwide. Global industries and institutions can no longer ignore this fact — but how exactly are they handling the emerging power of Blockchain.

Binance CGO Ted Lin speaking at Blockshow Asia. Photo courtesy of Blockshow Asia.

“When the market slows down, the team that truly believes in its mission stands out. We will continue to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption and promote the freedom of money.” — Binance CGO Ted Lin speaking at BlockShow Asia.


With a theme of “explosion”, “expansion”, “expertise”, “exploration”, “expectations” and “exposition”, EXP 20 is a disruptive startup show within the framework of BlockShow. 10 projects, 10-minute pitches in front of the Investor Board. Most promising startups will gain support for the project in different forms: direct funding, promotion, or connections. The Investor Board picked the worthwhile projects to invest in, and all the rest got invaluable advice on how to present your project and gain success.

Two startup companies pitching at EXP20 startup show got funding: Blockchain Founders Fund will invest in Diro, solving the global identity problem, and HealthDex, Enterprise health data marketplace.

Pitching session at EXP20. Photo courtesy of Blockshow Asia.
List of VCs at EXP20 pitch session: Sora Ventures, GBIC, Fenbushi, BCI, Blockchain I, BlockAsset, Trive VC and more


It is very interesting that this year Blockshow Asia did it differently. Blockshow Asia wanted to make it not just a boring blockchain conference, but to show something brand new, so Blockshow invited Art Of Blockchain group to present their art in front of the attendees.

Three paintings were sold at Blockshow Asia. Photo courtesy of Blockshow Asia.

Do not worry if you have missed out Blockshow Asia this year. You can watch all the speeches and video highlights here:

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