Listing of TKX Emblem on Tokenize Xchange

Now, the wait is already over. TKX Emblem will be listed on Tokenize Xchange officially starting from 24 October 2018, 00.00. TKX Emblem holders now can trade, buy and sell their TKX on the platform.

You can start trading TKX Emblem on the platform starting from 24 October 2018

TKX Emblem is available for trading in both fiat markets (SGD and MYR) and crypto markets (BTC and ETH).

Trading pairs for TKX are available as below:

  • TKX/BTC, at 0.00009btc
  • TKX/ETH, at 0.003eth
  • TKX/SGD, at $0.80
  • TKX/ MYR, at RM2.44

Stay tuned for the coverage on the return of TKX Emblem since the private sale.

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