Don’t miss out with Tokenize: June 2018!

We have wrapped up our TKX Private Sales in May! Now we’re in our Pre-Sale Period!

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What happened last month?!

We has successfully close our Private Sales!

More details can be found here!

Our first Trezor Giveaway!

Tokenize Facebook has reached more than 1.5K likes! Currently, we are at 1925 likes! Be sure to like & follow us on Facebook if you have not done so!

  • Firstly, we would like to congratulate our winner of the giveaway! Details can be found here!
  • Secondly, we would like to thank our community for their support thus far! More exciting stuff will be coming your way!

We were also featured on ! Be sure to check us out there!

What’s next for us?!


Be sure to register on both our Exchange ICO sites!

Pre-Sale Round (1/6/18–30/6/18)
We are now at our Pre-Sale Round for our TKX ICO, please be sure to join if you have not done so! Current rate is going at 1 ETH : 1200 TKX!

Public Sale 1 (18/7/18–31/7/18)
For the month of July, we will proceed on with our Public Sale Round 1,which have a rate of 1 ETH : 800 TKX!

Public Sale 2 (1/8/18–31/8/18)
Public Sale Round 2 
will be in August on our IEO Platform, with a rate of
1 ETH : 400 TKX!

TKX Bounty Phase 2 is on its way!

Phase 2 will have more features to it: Social Media, Content Creation & Technical Bounty as well! So stay tune!

Tokenize 101 Workshop in the planning!

For those who are still new to Crypto, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered as well!

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