Tokenize — Bounty Campaign Phase 1 is here!

We are excited to introduce you to the opportunity of being part of Tokenize’s mission of being more than just a Digital Currency Exchange! Be part of the community with us!

Our team is proud to announce Tokenize Bounty Campaign — Phase 1… STARTS NOW!

We have a full agenda for 1H 2018. First, we’ll launch the BETA Platform launch and subsequently go LIVE by June 2018. On the other hand, we will have our token sale ongoing as well. Once our token sale ends, we will distribute the tokens to contributors.

Tokenize Xchange is the first that innovates and incorporates the community into its network — The exchange is more than just a place to trade cryptocurrencies, it’s also a place to exchange information with one another and many more!

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Without further ado, here is all you need to know about Tokenize Bounty Campaign, its tasks, terms, and conditions.

What are TKX Tokens?

Tokenize will generate a new cryptocurrency token (symbol TKX) to support our service and fund our initial operations, which includes development, marketing, and technological infrastructure, etc.

Why are we running the bounty campaign?

Tokenize’s bounty campaign aims to broadcast our project, widening the service audience, and, in the process, open the doors of cryptocurrency trading and its financial benefits to as many people as possible. Through the bounty campaign, participants can help us spread the word about our revolutionary new platform and get rewarded for it.

Token Allocation

Terms and Conditions

5% of TKX tokens are allocated for the bounty campaign to be distributed to everyone who supports Tokenize before & during our Token Sale.
By completing bounty tasks, you will receive tokens, which are divided into several categories. At the end of the token sale, we will distribute TKX tokens to the supporter in each category.
Each bounty task will be validated before the tokens are distributed. Only tasks that followed the bounty campaign terms will be eligible to receive the rewards.

  1. TKX Xchange Reg. Bounty: 10,000 TKX (STARTED)
  2. Telegram Bounty: 10,000 TKX (STARTED)

TKX is an ERC 20 Token, hence do take note only ETH wallets are able to store it.

DON’T PUT OTHER EXCHANGES WALLET!!! (Only Tokenize Exchange wallet or your own private ETH Wallet)

Supported Wallets:

  1. MEW (MyEtherWallet)
  2. Tokenize Exchange ETH Wallet



Rules & Conditions:

  • Go to
  • Sign up & fill in all the relevant information
  • Complete identity & mobile verification process
  • Refer friends to get rewards!
  • 5 TKX will only be awarded when you start referring
  • Join fast as limited TKX is allocated for this!
  • Rewards will be given once the campaign is over.


  • 5 TKX will be given to referrer & referee
  • Capped at 500 TKX per user


Fill up this form:



Rules & Conditions:

  • Be active and stay in the group until the end of the campaign
  • Refer friends for additional bonus
  • Join fast as limited TKX is allocated for this!
  • Rewards will be given once the campaign is over.


  • 1 TKX will be given when the user joins the Telegram group
  • 1 TKX will be given to both Referrer & Referee
  • Capped at 20 TKX per user


Fill up this form:

Join us now!

We invite you to be a part of our community and help us spread the word about TKX. Feel free to join in at any time!

If you want to know more about Tokenize Xchange, visit us at and subscribe to our newsletter. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Linkedin to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

For questions, comments or concerns, reach out to us on our Telegram Group


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