Tokenize Updates: Week of Feb 5

Dear Tokenizarians,

Starting this week, we will be releasing a weekly update on our blog to give you insights on what our team is busy with. Feel free to interact with us by commenting below!

Platform Updates

You may be wondering why you still have not received any notification regarding your Tokenize account. You logged into the platform and you were disappointed to see your account has not been verified.

We deeply apologize for the delays! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

For the past few weeks, our tech team has been working full force on the trading engine. A few bugs on the platform were recently uncovered by our Bug Hunters. Thus, for the upcoming days/weeks, our tech team will be working with the bug hunters to test the system more rigorously and to rectify those issues on our testnet before pushing it to actual production.

For that matter, we have to push back the date of our Beta Launch for our actual users. We apologize again for another delay.

The good news is, we will be sending out the Identity Verification result to all our registered users by this week. However, your account status will not reflect that change yet as we have put all platform functions on hold due to the reason mentioned above.

We appreciate your kind understanding and patience while we fix the system to ensure a better trading experience for you. We expect the testing and beta system production to be completed after Chinese New Year. After which, the team will continue to monitor the system and do continuous improvements.

Tokenize Community

We have concluded our first Facebook giveaway of 0.1 ETH! The giveaway mission was to increase awareness about our company as well as to get our community to think about “what do you want to tokenize?”. We gathered over 30 comments with more than 200 likes. Congratulations to Eugene Teh for winning it with his comment of “I want to tokenize my world because it’s time to turn the praxis of technologies into structural change”. Stay tuned for our upcoming giveaways!

Last Wednesday (Jan 31), we hosted our second Inner Circle event at JustCo Marina One. The event was a blast with over 50 attendees. Here are some photos that were taken during the event, remember to tag yourself in the video!

Tokenize Live Consensus

As unveiled during our Inner Circle event, we want to redefine ICO into an interactive consensus offering. As part of our future roadmap, we aim to become the best Singapore-based digital currency exchange in this region. On top of being a currency exchange, we are also aiming to be the “Xchange” to transfer and co-share knowledge, ideas, and values.

Our team is currently working on the whitepaper and hope to release it by February. We will also be hosting a briefing session in February for those who have expressed interest in contributing to the Live Consensus during our Inner Circle events.

Other Updates

We would like to announce that our official company name is “Tokenize Xchange Pte Ltd“. We noticed that “Tokenize Pte Ltd” has been registered in just a few days before we did. Although we did not investigate further into the agenda of that company, we would like to advise our community to be wary of anyone contacting them personally to ask for personal details or direct them to phishing websites. Our official website is and please ensure there is a “lock” sign to indicate the website is secured. For anything unsure, please contact us immediately on Telegram.


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